About Us

Dust Busters East Ham was founded more than ten years ago and since then we have been working hard on perfecting every aspect of our services.

We realized that in order to achieve exceptional results, we need exceptionally well-trained technicians, with passion for the work and motivation to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. We take the recruitment process very seriously and you can rely that our cleaners will be always friendly, smiling and ready to tackle any job, big or small. Our technicians pass extensive training in fabric knowledge, methods of cleaning and proper and safe operation of our advanced machinery. They are also being evaluated on a regular basis and scheduled for additional training if needed. All our technicians are insured and vetted for your peace of mind.

Another thing we changed during the past years is our method of cleaning. We are always looking for innovations and constantly testing different machinery and products in order to be sure we offer the best on the market. After many tests we came to the conclusion that the hot-water cleaning method is the most efficient and harmless to the materials at the same time. We trust the leading brands of Kercher and Prochem and with their help we pride ourselves on huge success rate in stain removal and general carpet and upholstery cleaning.

We have always put the customer first and therefore, we decided we need to be more flexible, to be able to work around your schedule even more. We became even more approachable, having our office representatives expect your call and emails 24/7. This made us feel even closer to our customers and to studying their needs. We noticed that your everyday life is stressful and you lack free time. This made us improve our work routines and now we are able to perform cleaning services whenever it is suitable for you – seven days a week, including on bank holidays, to better fit in your busy schedule.

At first we started off by cleaning only carpets, but then we noticed that upholstery and mattresses are even more challenging to clean at home. This made us broaden our service range and now we have gained plenty of experience in the field and feel comfortable cleaning sofas, chairs and armchairs of pretty much every fabric and material. We might also be able to clean your car seats! Give us a call and find out!

Since we are situated in East Ham, this is where we started providing our cleaning services.

During the years our team has grown in numbers and are happy to perform carpet and upholstery cleaning pretty much all around London. We also offer one of the most competitive rates on the market and are willing to prove to you that professional cleaning is definitely worth it. Please contact us for more information in regards to the areas we cover and availability.